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This portable program has the capability of forwarding incoming mail to up to 10 accounts or 30 accounts. It’s all done by simply clicking the buttons.

Incoming mail is automatically forwarded to your Inbox, and you have the option to set your own Rules. You can also set separate rules for all mail categories, add specific mail headers, change the recipient e-mail address, convert attachments, choose where to store attachments, or even delete mail.

Further features include the option to set a default receiver, obtain a receipt of the mail forwarding, set the output format, modify the e-mail headers, and more.

This is a good utility to use to keep a backup copy of your mail messages, and should be a great source of security.Q:

Multipart/Alternative response without content-type

I’m wondering if it is possible to send a multipart/alternative response and have it be read by the browser without any specified content-type.
So I’m not sending a JSON object like you would with a multipart/form-data request.
What I’m really wanting to do is to tell the browser that this is an attachment.
The rest of the request should be standard html.


This is just plain impossible, what you are describing is not a multipart-alternative response.
There are a lot of different MIME types you can specify to specify different parts of a multipart-message. You would have to specify something like “multipart/mixed”, which would only make sense if you wanted to have a different header for every single part of the message.


Exact meaning of 日本語だから

I encountered this sentence a few times now:


I understand the full sentence, but I have no clue what 日本語 means here.
Is this a sarcastic statement or something?


This is not a sentence, it is an interjection. It’s a “tough” way of saying that she doesn’t understand Japanese but she doesn’t mind. It’s a way of saying “It’s fine.”

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(The ONLY system which takes full advantage of the new Mac OS X Aqua Look and Feel for the Desktop by using the Aqua Look-like appearance for the application windows. You will see only the most important aspects of your data: MAC addresses, IP addresses, system information, etc…)

With just a few clicks you can have the MAC addresses and IP addresses of all your stations on your Mac clipboard ready to be pasted into a text file or exported to your Dropbox account. Simply point the cursor on any MAC or IP address in any window, and press the keyboard shortcut Cmd-C or Control-C to copy it, then Cmd-X to execute the copy. You can then past the MAC or IP address on the Clipboard into a text file, email message, or export it to your Dropbox account. Your MACs and IPs will always be updated, and the MAC and IP editing window will always be on top of all your other windows. This also works great with Safari bookmarks. A pop-up window will let you know what the MAC or IP address is and provide a shortcut to the MAC editor window if you want to type it in there.
All station information is automatically updated based on the latest nmap version, so this is the most up to date software for getting nmap data.

Keymacro is a software program designed to capture MAC addresses and IP addresses of wireless laptops and desktops. Keymacro is a must-have tool for wireless security and penetration testing, with any wireless network.

Keymacro saves you time: as you are running your wireless network, you can simply press Cmd-C to copy the wireless addresses and it will automatically and instantly display the latest information on your Mac clipboard.

Keymacro is also great for protecting your wireless network and for keeping track of your wireless activity. Use it to protect the SSID that you use when you use a wireless network at public places, for example.

Keymacro supports networks of all types, from WEP to WPA/WPA2 or even WPA-Enterprise, can be configured to operate in monitor mode, and is independent of MAC address assignment and SSID.

Keymacro is also safe and secure:
* Keymacro only captures MAC addresses and IP addresses of wireless devices
* An expiration date is defined for each wireless device
* Any saved information is encrypted
* Password requirements for the wireless network are enforced
* Captured MAC

Portable ForwardMail

Portable ForwardMail is a software tool designed specifically to help individuals retrieve mails, as well as forward them to up to 10 accounts. There is another version that enables you to use up to 30 accounts, ForwardMail Advanced30.
Advantages of portable apps
This is the portable counterpart of ForwardMail, which means the installation process can be bypassed. As a result, and one of the most important advantages of this type of products is that the Windows registry and Start menu/screen are not going to suffer any changes, and no leftovers will remain upon its removal.
Another notable aspect is that by placing the program files to an external data unit, such as a pen drive, you make it possible to run Portable ForwardMail on any machine you can connect to.
Customize options and backup information
While the interface is simple and intuitive, you can set up 10 accounts and select which ones to use. You are required to input information such as address, user ID, password, POP or SMTP server and port. Aside from that, you can configure a large number of settings. For example, you can strip attached files and forward only mails, add “Resent” headers, limit subject length to a specified number of bytes, remove all citation lines, use a scheduler and the list goes on.
Account info can be imported from CSV files, as well as exported to the hard drive in this format, for safekeeping. Moreover, you can backup and restore all settings to and from a file.
Bottom line
To conclude, Portable ForwardMail is a useful piece of software when it comes to forwarding and retrieving mail messages. The response time is good, the interface is friendly and there are sufficient options to keep you busy for a while.

Buddy Contact Deluxe is a buddy software which is designed to help you easily register the details of your friends and family on the internet and even make a contact list of their details for future use.
Advantages of buddy software
This is an important aspect that friend software such as Buddy Contact Deluxe is designed to increase your productivity and efficiency. As such, Buddy Contact Deluxe is one of the best friend contact software to manage friends and family contacts and their details in your web browser such as Internet Explorer.
To use this product, all you have to do is open an Internet Explorer window and then, go to any web page and type in the contact details of your friends and family for future reference.
A wide range of

What’s New in the?

Communication is the most precious wealth we have. Sometimes we are also short of time and that’s why we have to waste it on receiving annoying emails. You don’t need to stress anymore and you don’t have to forget about your precious time.

Local ScannerPro-GSM is a powerful network scanning software that will help you to locate network devices such as phones, modems, wireless hubs, routers, and all of the network devices that are installed in your network. It will automatically detect, locate and list all the devices in your network.
– Automatically detect and scan all the devices in your network
– List all the detected devices with their IP addresses
– Easily delete the found devices with one click
– Scanning both, IP address and MAC address
– Simultaneous detection of IP address and MAC address
– Automatic enumeration of network interfaces
– Scan a range of IP addresses
– Scan for a specific IP address
– Manual selection of IP addresses to scan
– Reverse DNS to find website names
– Quick search for a specific device
– Set of filters to filter device information
– Logs all found devices
– Highlighting the network devices to be removed
– Automatic deletion of found devices
– Permanent / Temporary files
– List all active devices, log file, and a list of all the devices found
– Graphic representation of network devices
– Scanning status
– Display of scan details
– Print report
– Grouping of scan results
– Support for multiple users
– Supports of all mobile networks
– Support for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista
– Scan device by name
– Local, LAN, WLAN, and Wireless networks

Commemorate the joy of any event by sending custom thank you mails. Send postcards to everyone who helped you on that special day, enjoy stickers as a memento, and send thank you gifts to your friends. Send thank you mails to people who helped you in any way.

Tomboy is a file manager for the GNOME Desktop Environment. It stores all notes, to-dos, lists and general information in a single application. Tomboy stores information in the form of TODO and TICK.TODO entries. These provide an easily editable interface for the information being stored in.
Tomboy notes are stored in local databases.
Tomboy allows you to synchronize notes and to-do’s among computers using the built in LDAP protocol support.
The calendar can be used as a simple todo list or as an agenda for a todo list.
Tomboy can also be used as a place to store information about files, with the notes you create being able to reference a file on your computer.
Also includes: a wiki, an agenda, and a todo list that


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit).
Processor: Intel Core i3 (4 GHz) or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 or DirectX 9 compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 15 GB available space
Processor: Intel Core i5 (4 GHz) or AMD equivalent


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