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FireMaster is a command-line application made to recover the master password from Firefox. It has three attack modes lined up, dictionary, brute force and hybrid, which can be used in accordance to the complexity of the password.
Use dictionary-based mode for common words or assumptions
Dictionary mode is the simplest form of password decryption because it relies on the human factor. In other words, if you suspect the Firefox master password to be a common word, you can turn to this attack method. To make this happen, it's necessary to prepare a plain text document (TXT format) and populate it with words found in the dictionary (one word per line). In this case, you could resort to a website that contains all dictionary words found in your language.
The dictionary-based method is also useful if you have your own list of passwords you frequently use but aren't sure which one is correct. This works even if the keys are made out of a random combination of different characters since you can set the CLI-based utility to try all of them. The command for using the dictionary mode is Firemaster -d -f file_name, where -d gives the tool the signal to run the dictionary operation, -f tells it that the file contains one word per line, and file_name is the name of your custom-made dictionary file (make sure it's in the same location as the app).
Use brute force to try all character combinations
The brute force mode takes a longer time to complete because FireMaster tries all combinations made from upper and lower case letters, numbers and symbols until it finds and recovers the Firefox master password. The command is Firemaster -b, -m length, -l length, -c charlist -p pattern, where -b refers to the brute force mode, -m is optional and indicates the minimum password length, -l is mandatory and specifies the maximum length, -c is the character list file consulted for this operation, and -p is optional and refers to the password pattern.
Use hybrid mode to combine dictionary and brute force
The hybrid mode is similar to the dictionary attack because it uses the dictionary file but it adds prefixes or suffixes using the character list file of the brute force mode. The command is Firemaster -h -f dict_file -n length -g charlist -s or -p , where -h indicates the hybrid mode, -f dict_file is the dictionary file (one word per line), -g is the group of characters used for generating the strings, -n is the maximum length of strings, -s is the suffix, and -p is the prefix.
FireMaster has some examples displayed in the console window. However, if you find it to difficult to use, you can turn to the graphical edition instead, called FireMasterCracker.







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FireMaster is an application written to recover Firefox master passwords. This application is particularly useful when the password file is lost and has been encrypted using the “Password Manager Master Key” feature.
FireMaster has three attack modes. Each one uses different attack strategies to retrieve the password.
– Dictionary-based. (Default)
– Brute-force.
– Hybrid.
– Other modes.

Dictionary-based Mode
In the dictionary-based attack mode, the user guesses a word from the dictionary and adds it to the log file.
The user is requested to input the word they suspect.
If the word is present in the dictionary, the password is recovered.
It is possible to use dictionary words found on a website or stored in a file.
To set this operation as default, use the -d flag in the CLI.
A sample command is:
$ firemaster -d -f attack_dictionary.txt

Brute-Force Mode
In the brute-force attack, a list of words is generated from the log file, a word is selected and tried in order until it is guessed or no more words remain.
To set this operation as default, use the -b flag in the CLI.
A sample command is:
$ firemaster -b -f attack_brute_force.txt

Hybrid Mode
Hybrid mode uses both dictionaries and brute-force to recover passwords.
To set this operation as default, use the -h flag in the CLI.
A sample command is:
$ firemaster -h -f attack_hybrid.txt

Additional Information:

GitHub Repository:
Python Script:
Dictionary-based Attack:

Brute-force Attack:
Hybrid Attack:
FireMaster Cracker:

FireMaster Crack Patch With Serial Key [Updated-2022]

Now you know how to crack your Firefox master password with FireMaster 2022 Crack.
This command-line based application is a highly powerful password
recovery utility. You can learn all about it using this article.
You should try to remember the master password that you use with
Firefox and all other browsers to make sure that the hackers do not
get access to your online accounts. Using the method you just learned,
you will be able to recover your master password from Firefox in just
a few simple steps.
The FireMaster Torrent Download utility is pretty easy to use. To start the application,
type firemaster -h in the command prompt. It will display the
help page that you can use to learn how to use the application.
FireMaster is a command-line based application made to recover the
master password from Firefox. It has three attack modes lined up,
dictionary, brute force, and hybrid, which can be used in accordance
to the complexity of the password. To start the application, you must
run the following command: firemaster -d -f file_name, where -d
indicates the mode the application is in (dictionary, brute force, or
hybrid), -f is the name of the file containing the words of your
dictionary, and file_name is the name of the file containing the

Download FireMaster:

You can download FireMaster from the Mozilla download page

FireMaster Cracker:

FireMasterCracker is a graphical tool made to crack passwords
for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Opera. In
this tool, you will find all the instructions necessary to learn how
to use it and recover the master password of Firefox. The tool is
simple to use, intuitive, and easy to navigate. All you need to do is
follow the instructions and you will be able to recover the master
password for all the browsers you need to recover.

Download FireMasterCracker:

You can download FireMasterCracker from the Mozilla download page

FireMaster Diagnostic Information:

Performing FireMaster -h

FireMaster Utility Home Page:

In the main window, click on Options and on the Tools tab.
Enter -v or -h to obtain more information about the utility’s usage.

FireMaster Utility –

FireMaster Crack+ PC/Windows

FireMasterCracker (graphical edition) is a very easy-to-use password decryption program made to recover the master password from Firefox. It has three attack modes lined up, dictionary, brute force and hybrid, which can be used in accordance to the complexity of the password.
A simple help screen will help you to quickly understand how to use the program.
FireMasterCracker requires no previous knowledge of the Firefox master password or of the knowledge of computer programming.
FireMasterCracker features an advanced and more efficient algorithm than FireMaster, with the aim of completing the decryption of the passwords of all users very quickly.
FireMasterCracker uses a graphical interface (GUI) and provides better control over the attack modes.
FireMasterCracker and FireMaster have the same command-line syntax.

FireMasterCracker is available in the official repository of Ubuntu, it can be installed using the command:
sudo apt-get install firemastercracker

or if you are using a newer version of Ubuntu (post-16.04) it can be installed using the command:
sudo apt-get install firemastercracker-gtk

After the installation, FireMasterCracker is not available by default in the Dash or by searching for it in the application search bar, therefore, to access to it, you must run it using the command:

FireMasterCracker allows you to use three attack modes: dictionary, brute force and hybrid.
Dictionary mode is the easiest method to use because it makes use of words that are known and stored in the text document in plain text.
In order to use dictionary mode, you must first choose the name of the file with one word per line, in a text document, and then the tool will automatically open this file with FireMasterCracker.
Brute force mode works similarly, the difference here is that it tries all combinations of characters and then selects the most frequent ones that fit the pattern defined.
Hybrid mode combines dictionary and brute force to make more effective results, and the command line allows you to define the length and number of combinations to be used.
You can run FireMasterCracker with the command:
firemastercracker -d -f dict_file -n length -g charlist -s or -p

-d indicates that the tool is using the dictionary attack,
-f is the dictionary

What’s New in the FireMaster?

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System Requirements For FireMaster:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-2400, 2.40 GHz / AMD Athlon X2 6000+, 2.1 GHz
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11, 1024MB VRAM (will run best with Windows 7 64-bit).
Additional Notes:
HDMI Output Port Required for Retina Display
Important: For best performance, install all Borderlands 3 updates as they

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