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Using the Event Manager in Enterprise Architect

Is there a way to use the Event Manager to actually have an application invoke an event instead of having the designer invoke it automatically? I want to be able to set up a collection of events that the application will invoke and have EA configure it properly. The classic example is when EA generates a new assembly, I want EA to be able to invoke an assembly event and add the generated assembly to the model.
I can’t find any documentation on this, and the documentation on EA’s project events is very sparse.


You can create your own events in the project in the diagram editor and then use them as a project events.
If you create a class diagram, and then right click on the class and select create event, it will generate an event class with all the methods.
As an example, this shows how to use the Create Assembly event with Microsoft Enterprise Library 4.1.


Plot interpolation

I have a dataframe with values in [0, 1]. I would like to interpolate those values. My data looks like this:

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