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How can I check the whether the “if” condition is satisfied or not in a python string with variable format?

I have an if statement that does the following. If a condition is satisfied, I use some values inside the brackets, else, I use something else.
if “a_string” in a_list:
print(“The words in the string are: {0}”.format(words))

a_list = [“one two three”, “a_string two three”]

I want this:
The words in the string are: one two three

But the output is:
The words in the string are: a_string

How can I fix this?


To me it seems that you’re trying to capture the substring between two strings, as in capturing say “two” from the below string. To this end I’d say that string.find() is useful, with an appropriate search method, like re.search() or re.sub().
Here’s some suggestions, based on the Python docs string.find() and re.search():
import re

substring = “two three”
s = “one two three”



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